Retnauer Baynes Architects, Residential, Commerical, Multi Family, Government, Industrial Building


We are pleased to introduce our award-winning Architectural Design, BIM and Visualizations firm based in Chesapeake, VA. We have a passion for what we do which is evidenced by our consistent delivery of quality product and we strive to demonstrate this to our clients. Over the past few decades, RBA has become a leader in the Hampton Roads Area Design Arena, winning multiple awards for a variety of projects.  Utilizing a team of architects and designers, we offer an extensive range of professional services in different building types including but not limited to; residential, commercial, multi-family, government, and religious buildings.

We are more than just a group of people working together, our goals is to exceed our client’s expectations and provide design services that not only achieves the vision of the project but also extends beyond as an educational example of design excellence.


Our mission is to provide outstanding design services to all of our clients, no matter the size or scope of the project. By utilizing our experience, the power of technology and our resources, we shall strive to exceed our client’s expectations.


The Principals and staff at RBA have a passion and expertise in the field of Architectural Design. We succeed on projects by listening intently to our clients, consultants, builders and suppliers, and providing to our clients the confidence that we are the team to design their project. We instill this confidence by explaining our design process, communicating meticulously, providing our designs in a timely manner, providing aids in visualizing your project, providing accurate construction documents and being watchful during construction. If we complete our role on each project, success is inevitable.