RBA has created a culture that revolves around family values. Our team is more than a group of people working together. We consider ourselves a family, supporting one another and ensuring that all team members achieve success. We focus on open communication amongst internal and external clients. The team is committed to collaboratively create designs that honor our client’s goals, budget, and timetable for completion. Phone calls or meetings can be very effective, when electronic communications don't suffice.


To enhance the natural talent of RBA’s team members, RBA employs the latest technologies available in the architectural community.  We encourage our staff to visit construction sites on a timely basis and to ask questions in the field to ensure that our work product is of superior quality.



Entrepreneur and Techie

Lives, eats and breathes all Virginia Tech

Doesn't like to sit still

Has wanted to be an Architect since age 5

Has been known as a golf range rat



The matriarch of the RBA Family

Reads DOD manuals for fun

Goes on vacation 1000 miles away just to sleep

Can cite legal proceedings at parties

Can drive a golf ball, a mile