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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the culmination of many years of computer software. RBA utilizes this technology to fully develop our designs in virtual 3 dimensional space. By doing so, our team is able to fully understand the project from any vantage point, and more importantly, our clients have the same capability. RBA continues to refine and expand our BIM capabilities with the vision of fully replicating the built environment virtually.


As technology continues to evolve, RBA is at the forefront of implementing these emerging technologies into our design process. RBA has made the investment in scanning technology that allows our team the capability to scan an existing location with our 3-D scanner. This scanner provides a complete 3-D model of any space that can be used to integrate into our BIM system or to provide virtual walk-throughs for finished spaces.

Virtual Scanning Matterport


With the advent of the latest visualization technologies, RBA has the capability to provide to our clients a complete virtual 3-D model of their project. Full walk around capabilities can be provided so that our clients are able to immerse themselves into their projects. At the same time, this allows our staff the ability to examine design decisions in infinite detail.

Aerial Photo_Complete5_6-17-18.jpg


Drones have opened up a new world to Architects. Where we once only were able to view our sites from the ground, we can now visualize from any height. Whether it be for inspections of existing buildings, flyovers of projects under construction or examining potential views and sun angles for ongoing projects, this tool has literally opened up the skies for us.

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