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Retnauer Baynes Architects, Residential, Commerical, Multi Family, Government, Industrial Building


RBA Architects is the story of a how one person with a vision developed RBA into being the leading Residential Architect in Hampton Roads. Tom, our Founder had a vision that at age 35, he would start his design firm that would service the residential sector. He began with a few select clients, offering consistent high quality design services that continue to this day. During this time, Architects for the most part did not serve the residential sector. Designs were either purchased online or generated by drafts people. We knew that we could develop incredible designs that would greatly impact how people lived and yet be cost efficient. Our plan was to serve the Hampton Roads Community and develop relationships with select builders to show how good design can change the way we live. We built our client bases, one person at a time. Our integrity to be honest and forthright with our clients had not been seen prior. We did what we said we would and if any issues arose, we resolved them quickly.


RBA’s mandate is to exceed the expectation of our clientele regardless of the project size or  complexity.


The Principals and staff at RBA have a passion and expertise in the field of Architectural Design. We succeed on projects by listening intently to our clients, consultants, builders and suppliers, and providing to our clients the confidence that we are the team to design their project. We instill this confidence by explaining our design process, communicating meticulously, providing our designs in a timely manner, providing aids in visualizing your project, providing accurate construction documents and being watchful during construction. If we complete our role on each project, success is inevitable.



We are committed to innovation and excellence. This commitment means that we will continually strive to be better and optimize our individual and collective effort.


Collaboration is a core component to our success. We encourage an environment that recognizes and capitalizes on individual talents as we work collectively toward our shared goals of innovation and excellence.


We are committed to engaging ethically and with integrity with our internal team and external community partners. Our integrity cultivates a trusting and collaborative culture that strives to exceeds expectations. We hold ourselves accountable to our Clients, the Community, and our team.


We are committed to delivering consistency in our actions and service that will yield the highest quality end product.

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