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Architectural Design


RBA specializes in sustainable and synergistic design for government, multi-family, single-family, religious/cultural and commercial/retail markets. No matter the size of the project or budget, all clients receive excellence in the level of service provided. As a preeminent residential design firm in Hampton Roads, RBA continues to be a leader in historically correct designs that are timeless and centered on the living experience. We continue partnering with our clientele to provide unique places to call home, inspired homes of worship and pleasurable shopping experiences.

Master Planning


Master planning is the art of developing a project over many years. We partner with our clientele to develop a long-range plan so as their growth progresses over time, their physical facilities will continue to support present and future needs. It’s only when we envision the future, are we able to ensure that the present is successful.

3D Renderings


A picture is worth a thousand words! RBA knows the best way for clients to fully understand their projects is to ensure that they are able to fully visualize the final product. We utilize a full complement of tools to ensure that each and every aspect of their projects is fully documented visually and accessible to them so that we ensure that the vision has been attained.

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