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Multifamily Design Trends for 2022

Emerging Trends In Multi-Family Construction

The past few years have seen an upheaval in how we live work and play. No longer do we all commute to work, dine and play as we once did. We’re seeing 3 major trends in the multi-family industry that reflect the changes in our habits and how we live our lives, post COVID.


There has been an enormous increase of people now remoting into work. During COVID, according to the census, 73% of people in the higher income brackets tele-commuted. 58% of middle income people did the same. Now we are seeing a large percentage of these people permanently teleworking or using a hybrid approach of being in the office a few days of the week. We’re seeing in all manner os residential design the need to provide an environment for people to telework. It’s no longer acceptable to hear or see other family members while working remotely. Providing a defined space in a home or abode that can be flexible in it’s use is important to the balance of working and playing.


We’re seeing more people now blogging, vlogging, tik toking etc. Social media has developed into a career for some and a way to connect with others. So, we are seeing in multi-family construction, areas for digital artists to perform and create. Providing defined areas in amenity spaces and creating backdrops and opportunities for people to engage with their followers is more important than ever.

Work Share Spaces

With a larger amount of people working from home, we’re seeing the need for co-work or work share spaces being important for their success. On larger multi-family projects, we’re seeing a variety of spaces being included in the amenity areas. Huddle rooms, conference spaces, open office area, etc. are now all being included so that the building can support the new tele-commute lifestyle.


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