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RBA Architects Celebrating 20 Years of Design Excellence


Creating the built environment that is carefully crafted and meaningful not only to their clients but also to the community and public can only be accomplished by a firm that has experience and passion for great architecture. For the last 20 years, RBA Architects have been providing such quality services to all their clients, regardless of size or scale, by not only finding solutions to complex issues, but also educating clients and builders on what constitutes excellence in design.

Founded in 2001, RBA Architects was born through one man’s frustration in seeing builders take the lead in the residential design process. “The majority of Architects were not able to be part of the residential design process because of the cost and lack of knowledge of the way builders built,” explains RBA founding Principal, Tom Retnauer, “Historically correct proportions, trueness of materials, and quality of space were nowhere to be found. By working with a few key builders, RBA began the critical process of showing the local building industry that it was possible to build beautiful homes and be profitable.” It was not long before RBA was working with a handful of builders to literally change the built landscape of Hampton Roads. “From there, we have grown to be the leading residential Architect in Hampton Roads and continue to expand west and north.” In conjunction with this residential work, RBA... Click here to read the full article

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