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RBA Presents TestFit at HousingX 2022

RBA Architects is excited to represent and present TestFit at the HousingX 2022 event in Newport News, Virginia on May 24th and 25th. This dynamic and innovate event will have a collection of keynote speakers and presenters showcasing the latest in technology within the housing industry. A focused experience that highlights innovation in the design field, construction field, finance and more and exhibits the future of housing.

RBA's innovative and educational presentation will showcase TestFit, a solution that has played an integral role in our design process for multifamily design. TestFit's tools have allowed us to significantly shorten feasibility studies and easily make changes to layouts.

"In major cities many of the good sites are taken. TestFit allows us to evaluate the not so good sites easily" explains president and CEO, Thomas Retnauer. The adoption of the product has made us a stronger and more competitive firm and we look forward to showing that to the exhibitors at the HousingX show.


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