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Norfolk, VA


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Repurpose a 23-story office building in Downtown Norfolk to be the pre-eminent multi-family project in the city.

Multi-Family, Repurposed

Scope of Work

The Challenge

This project faced numerous challenges throughout the design process. Being a historic building and applying for tax credits, the façade of the building was required to remain intact. RBA worked closely with our Historical Consultant to ensure that the building achieved the credits. We designed a new floor that went on top of the building to achieve an amenity area for the residents unlike any other amenity area in The Commonwealth of Virginia. Standing 24 stories above the river, RBA created multiple indoor community spaces along with an outdoor amenity area that includes a wading pool. The challenges of adding this top floor included reinforcing the construction structure with carbon fiber adhesives. We also were required to extend both stairs and elevator to access this new floor.

Sketches & Visualizations


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