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Virginia Beach, VA


LTD Hospitality Group Headquarters

Commercial, Renovation

The client desired to create a new corporate office that reflected their modern views and an environment that the team would enjoy working in and reinforce their shift to a modern corporate philosophy.

Scope of Work
The Challenge

RBA was provided a blank, raw space that had ribbon windows on two sides.  Working with the client, we designed the space to be team-oriented.  Junior-level team members were the closest in proximity to the natural light.  Then, using low-profile partitions, the senior team members were provided access to the outside environment with complete glass entry walls overlooking a common space buffer.  The break room was designed as a corporate kitchen with areas to enjoy conversations with other team members.  The main conference room, the heart of the space, is at the nucleus of the space and allows for a full view of meetings and invites team members in to provide feedback.

Sketches & Visualizations


Before & After

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