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Virginia Beach, VA


Seahill Spa at The Cavalier Hotel

Our client was tasked to create a 5-star salon and spa in the basement of the recently renovated Cavalier Hotel.

Commercial, Renovation

Scope of Work

The Challenge

Faced with no natural light and low ceilings, RBA set to work to create a salon experience beyond any expectations. Firstly, we lowered the floor to expose the footings of the columns. We then used the columns as design features, throughout the space. We then designed a progression that the user would use would travel to escape the outside, and it’s stresses. Using the change in floor height to our advantage, we created a memorable walk that releases tension as you walk downhill. You then enter the inner sanctum and beginning the process of healing and rejuvenation. Lighting and textures all played a part in the process.

Sketches & Visualizations


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